Episode 6 – Donnie Darko

The guys get all timey wimey as they try to piece together what actually happens in Donnie Darko while drinking Dream Crusher by Deep Ellum Brewing Company and Philosophizer by Adelbert’s Brewery. They each get spirit erections while gushing about Gary Jules’ Mad World and Richard learns that calling a beer a double doesn’t actually mean that it has double anything.

Talking points include…

Zac tries his hand at rapping some Biggie Smalls:

A terrifying, giant bunny named Frank and this nice piece of foreshadowing:

Water Dicks/Soul Erections:
soul erection

What the hell is this guy’s deal???
fat guy in the woods

That beautiful, perfect ending with “Mad World” by Gary Jules:


Episode 5 – Fever Pitch

The guys figure out why Jimmy Fallon sticks to late night when they watch Fever Pitch while drinking The Salty Lady by Martin House and Love Stuck Hefe by Ranger Creek. The guys try to figure out how Lucas candy became a thing and that all unmarried people over 30 need to be taken behind the shed and shot.

Talking points include…

How baffling Lucas “candy” is:

Drew Berrymore’s bipolar looks:


Women’s questionable fantasies regarding puking:

Drew Barrymore getting whacked in the face:

A real life BIRDSPLOSION (1:00 mark):

Episode 4 – Osmosis Jones

The guys get a microscopic look at what’s going on inside Bill Murray when they watch Osmosis Jones while drinking Day Off by Tupps Brewing and Off with Your Red by Rabbit Hole Brewing. They reminisce over how terrible 90s music was and Zac manages to successfully convince Richard that Bill Murray was the Adam Sandler of his day.

Talking points include…

So, so many body jokes:

Bill Murray being disgusting:


That one guy that no one knows the name of (apparently it’s Chris Elliott?):

Sigh…Kidney Rock…

PIKACHU!!!! What the hell are you doing here??

Laurence Fishburne’s decidedly UN-Laurence Fishburne-like voice:

Episode 3 – Foxy Brown

The guys get their funk on by following Pam Grier into blaxploitation territory with the movie Foxy Brown while drinking Sex Panther by SanTan and Modus Hoperandi by Ska Brewing. There’s an overload of voluptuousness, Zac finds a new carrier in voice over work and a secret form of martial arts is unveiled.

Talking points include:

SanTan’s shitty, yet undeniably awesome can.

Modus Hoperandi vs A Band Apart.

That psychedelic intro.

Quarter-assed property destruction (start at the 1:36 mark).

Is the main bad girl secretly Tim Curry?

Episode 2 – Jackie Brown

The guys watch Jackie Brown while drinking Soul Pleasure by Wild Acre and Lagunitas Sucks by, you guessed it, Lagunitas. Zac rants about people that stand still on moving walkways and the term ‘coasting beer’ is coined.

Talking points include:

Lagunitas’s apology letter.

The opening scene and its bitchin’ soundtrack (sorry in advance for getting this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day).

Samuel L. Jackson’s terrifying hair.


Pam Grier being sassy.


Stoner De Niro.